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Based on cutting-edge science, a functional approach to health care has become more of the norm in treatment and understanding of chronic illnesses like diabetes to depression; heart disease to hypertension; allergies to anxiety and more. The core to this concept is the understanding of the imbalances in the key physiological systems in your body. When inflammation, occurs on chronic basis the bodies biochemistry is altered and becomes unbalanced. The effects are often spiraling into disaster causing chronic illness and sometimes life threatening conditions.

Functional Medicine provides a process of discovering the possible underlying cause not identified by traditional Medical techniques. It does this by identifying hidden undiscovered unbalanced physiological systems and addressing lifestyle issues the are contribute to the problem.

This approach does not treat the individual diseases but rather deals with the underlying dysfunction in the individual patient.

With the process of analysis and treatment, health is restored. Blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol are normalized. Hormone imbalances are corrected. Stubborn weight is finally felt with. Energy levels become improved.

We are not prescribing or alter medications. Our systems program works in conjunction with the patients prescribing doctor, who may decide when and if you may reduce or as often noted eliminate any medication.

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Dr Thompson has helped my 16 year old daughter she had back problems from her school bag an he saw her an with in first visit she was smiling from pain being gone he's the best.. Dr Thompson has also been there for my husband whom has had several broke ribs in multiply wrecks. We can call him no matter what time day or night an he's always there to help he's a god sent angel he will fit u into his office if ur in pain or like my husband always popping a rib out your the best..dr. Thompson

Stacy Jo Hunter Cross
Chattanooga, TN

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